Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Cleaning

I know, three posts about one little storm is a little overboard, not to mention repetitious. I agree, but this is one hell of a mess. The pile of debris in the photo below is one of six piles in a grove of eucalyptus along #5 fairway. There are 25 eucalyptus trees in this area spread out over one acre and a similar wooded section just a fairway away.

I'm very proud of the staff for their hard work in cleaning up the course. Tree work is very labor intensive and after a storm like this, feels never ending. Yesterday was the Couple's Invitational and we did not have much time to clean things up. This morning, I was pleased to receive a couple of emails praising the crew's effort to prep the course.

It feels good to have such a hard working crew and such appreciative members. It would also feel good to have 25 less eucalyptus.


JW said...


Good work picking up the big mess left by the storm. When you get it clean we can look forward to the leaves coming down for Winter.... I really like the way you praise your staff for their work, and how many positive e-mails you get from members. Congrats on having BASF choose your BLOG as a featured BLOG on their web site.

All the best.