Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poppin' up nicely

Yesterday we put the first cut on the tees using the Sidewinder set at a height of one inch. The tees were seeded about 2 weeks ago and have grown to 2 inches in most locations. Today we will spray the tees with a growth regulator called Primo to help thicken up the new rye grass. This product reduces upwards growth and will promote new shoots and root growth. Density is the main goal of this application and other benefits include darker color, less mowing, and lowered water requirements.
The tees and approaches will be left a little longer than normal until the grass has matured. This will only take another week and then we'll be set for the rest of the year. Other spots on the course will start to green up as the seedlings emerge. The tees were seeded first, followed by the approaches, collars, and green banks. I'll be running around to check the progress of each location so we can get back to optimal playing conditions as soon as possible.