Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Somebody start building an arc

Alright, maybe we don't need a huge boat to save humanity and all of earth's creatures, but this is pretty wild. The last five years, as long as I've lived in California, we've never had a storm like this in early October. This radar image is at 3:00 pm after we already recorded 1.25 inches of rain. I'm not complaining because the course could use a good flush and the state really needs the water. On top of that, we get some free tree trimming.

Gusts have barely crested 50 mph and I'm sure the foothills and mountains are getting hit much harder than the valley. We've already lost 4 trees and many branches, but like anything else, we will use this situation as an opportunity to improve the course with new plantings. So, enjoy the rain and check back tomorrow for some tree damage pics and a rain total from our weather station.