Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here we go again

This probably looks like another picture from that storm 2 weeks ago, huh? Nope. Different storm, different trees, and a new mess to pick up. We had just finished cleaning the course when a new wind storm swept into town. This time we lost about 5 trees and many large branches. We even got to do some road work, clearing a large tree that fell on a levee road, trapping all of the residents from Riviera Cliffs.
The crew swarmed on this tree like ants to chocolate. I think they liked working with the audience standing around; a line of nearly thirty cars waited for the road to open. Especially fond of our efforts was the Highway Patrol Officer that was called in to direct traffic. Very little direction was needed since a tree was blocking the road, but he was helpful in keeping curious bystanders and eager volunteers from getting too close to our tractor, chainsaws, and rake wielding crewman. We devoured this tree in roughly 3 minutes and headed back to the course, past one lane of patient motorist. Many of the waiting applauded as our caravan drove past. We tend to have a lot of fun at work, but I've never seen the crew so energized by 5 minutes of work. One employee, Abel, said, "We were like a NASCAR pit crew out there, less than 5 minutes."