Monday, November 26, 2012

Sound The Fog Horns

Hello everyone

Today we have a few signs we are heading into the winter months. The fog has rolled in off the delta, the leaves continue to fall and the 10 day forecast is quickly filling up with the likelihood of rain and showers.

Here is a view from tee to green on #15





The sun rise over #17 Green and Approach area

The sun begins to burn of the fog .

But our work continues on .


This will be a familiar site over the coming months

Roll'n Rock

Hello everyone

The edges of the lake rim have been chipped away to the point we can start adding the new rock. Utilising a bob cat and other machines, the rock is slowly rolled over the edge into place against the existing cement rim.

The outer rim has been completed except for a little more rock here and there.

Next the island tee will be the focus point with the rim being chipped away and then the rock added.

More to come as the project moves forward.
Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello everyone

No we do not have KISS or The Rolling Stones dropping by on their 150th anniversary tours, sorry.

We have begun work on the lake rim project in the middle of holes #7,#8 ans #12. Work will take around two weeks to complete, weather permitting. The cement rim of the lake was showing considerable damage due to the tidal effect of the filling and lowering of our irrigation supply, which comes directly out of the Delta. (This water supply causes us some challenges along the way in maintaining healthy turgrass, trees and gardens. More to come on that soon.)

A new gate was installed along the fence line to hole #7 for easy access to the heavy machinery that will be in operation for the project, and also any future needs.

With the fence installed and ready to go, the Ford Construction company rolled their machines and materials into town. The first step was to set up a boarded pathway for all of the machinery to be able to get to the lake rim without damaging our playing surfaces, irrigation and other fixtures.

Boards are laid down to support the weight of the heavy machinery and protect our turf, irrigation and fixtures.


As you can see in this picture the structural integrity of the existing lake rim has been compromised, with the soil steadily eroding away as a result of a tidal effect caused by the lowering and filling of the irrigation lake, which supplies all irrigation to the golf course.

The decision was made to break up the existing lip of the rim and let it drop below onto the soil ledge. This was to be follow by adding riprap stone to the ledge and up to the rim edge.

Right now the rain has started during the addition of the rock. But the construction crew will be able to push forward because of the boards already staged on the ground.