Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seven Excellent Years


This post was accidentally removed when we were transitioning over to my name and details, so I have re-posted the article.

Sorry bout that Jim.


Tomorrow I will begin work at Bernardo Heights Country Club in San Diego, CA as the golf course superintendent.  After nearly seven years at Stockton GCC, I am ready for a change and some new scenery.  This was a very difficult decision because the staff, management, and especially the members have been so good to me and Stockton Golf was a second home.  The time is right and my new opportunity was too good to pass up.

I want to thank all the people who followed this blog, sporadic as the posts may have been.  There may be a new blog popping up and I will share the address when it becomes a reality.  I hope the SGCC Turf Page continues to keep members updated and informed.  I'll get my ugly mug off the the header and sign over the log in.

Finally, a few thank yous, starting with the best crew I've ever known.  It was a rough goodbye to the staff who've worked so hard to make the club better day after day.  I look forward to visiting and seeing continued progress in person.

And of course, thank you to the most supportive and appreciative membership I could imagine.  It was so much fun working for you and greatly rewarding.

Thank you.