Thursday, October 22, 2009

Golf Course Superintendent Association

Today, I would like to share with you some information on the local Superintendents chapter I belong to. I have been a member of the national Golf Course Superintendents Association for eleven years starting back in my 1st year at Purdue University. The membership paid off, as I traveled to Atlanta to seek a job and through various contacts, landed an assistant position in California.

Since becoming a head Superintendent, I've felt the need to give back and generally enjoy participating on the Board of Directors of my local chapter, the Sierra Nevada GCSA. I am also the editor of the newsletter and spend some time writing for our members. I have been the Treasurer/Secretary for two years and am running for Vice President in 2010.

There's something about this profession that I feel is very different from most. Although the course down the street and the one I work for are direct competitors, the superintendents are not. We share advice on disease control, fertilization, staff management, and everything else. We borrow each others equipment and share products if one of us runs out. I don't think you could find this relationship in many other industries.

I always describe like this: the chef in the Italian restaurant downtown is not going to go across the street to ask his competitor, "Your marinara sauce is delicious, what is the recipe for that?" Two superintendents will do that, "Your greens are phenomenal, what are you fertilizing with?" The wonderful people that make up my association would share that information without question.

It feels comforting to have this support network just a phone call away. Not to mention, the benefit you receive as the golfer. Just think if we can locate the turf manager with the perfect program in place. Greens rolling 14, rock hard fairways and not a blade out of place. Oh, wait, I'm thinking of the magic of television.

If you would like to see a little more on the Sierra Nevada GCSA, please visit the website. There is a digital version of our last newsletter.