Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just a Drop or Two..

G'day everyone

We had a few drops of rain recently at Stockton Golf & Country Club, 3.5" worth of accumulated drops around our course to be precise.

#12 Green
 The course has help up pretty well, with only one tree falling into the maintenance yard and two limbs of a Cypress falling onto one of our irrigation clocks (thankfully we escaped with minor damaged to the lid of the clock.)

The inevitable time of year is here , with the fairways and rough becoming soft to very soft in some areas. The tight soils coupled with the fact that the majority of the golf course is below sea level, result in soils that simply have now where to drain after a few good rainfall events. Our friend the fog rolls in from time to time, keeping the sun from helping to dry out the surfaces.

#14 Fairway looking back to the tee

#4 Fairway 75 Yards from the green

Right of #11 tees
 We have been able to keep up with the falling leaves and also the cutting of grass to maintain a detailed appearance. Green stripes can be seen around the course right now, but looks can also be deceptive with the course having softer conditions. My advice is to be prepared for the softer conditions right now and have some fun with friends and other members.

See you on the course.

All Rocked Out

Hello again

The lake rim project is now complete, with only a couple of  areas that we will add a few rocks to tidy up.
The rock looks nice and it will naturally blend into the golf course much better than the previous cement ledge.