Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The President's Cup

It has nearly been a week since my last post, but this gap is for good reasons. Assistant Superintendent, Mike Nee and I were privileged to work the President's Cup at Harding Park in San Francisco. Superintendents and assistants from Northern California, Oregon, states back east and students from Oregon State were on hand to help the crew with bunkers, divots, hand watering and the ever-important fluffing of the rough. To the left is a photo of my handiwork, the greenside bunker on 18th just before the start of play on Friday.
The course was in tournament condition with rock hard fairways and approaches and rough over four inches in some areas. I had never been to a major tournament before and it was a treat to get so close to the best players in the world.
Another benefit of this experience is networking with many other turf managers to pick up a few new tricks of the trade. Each tournament, meeting or conference helps me get a little better at managing your course.
Cameras and cell phones were not allowed at Harding Park, but the maintenance staff seems to get away with a few things that spectators would not. Having a separate entrance with a single security guard made it much easier to snap a few pictures. This is probably my best one from the bleachers of the 15th green (Tiger putting for birdie). Woods and Stricker halved this hole to remain one down to Weir and Clark. Two holes later they would square up the match on the 17th before taking the win on 18 with an eagle.