Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drain Line Renovation on #7

The image on the left is an aerial shot of the course that is part of our irrigation system's central control. I've edited this portion to highlight the drainage and to explain our most recent project.

The yellow arrows are drain lines that run away from the lake and empty into the main 6 inch line. This pipe follows the cartpath and then turns up the fairway, straight at the front, right corner of the tee. The pink section has been missing for a few years and we are nearly finished installing the replacement.

When the irrigation pond was built, concrete trucks drove across the fairway and crushed the drain line. The pipe was never replaced and the drain clogs up very quickly, forcing us to rope-off the fairway from 125 yards out, all the way to the green. Also, the front, left greenside bunker will fill with water every time we have rain or flush the greens. Without the drain line properly connected, the bunker is the lowest point on the hole and the easiest place for water to surface.

The staff is working very hard on this drain line to make sure it is done right and it is done once. I think this is the first time I've had a drainage project where I am content with having six people working the same line. Sometimes, more than two people will just get in each other's way. This hole is 170 ft long so that is plenty of room to stretch out and grade the trench.

Today we will install the pipe, back fill, and get the sod back on top. This is another day of backbreaking labor, but well worth the trouble. We know the solution to many problems on the course and must wait for an opportunity with the labor, budget, weather, and time to attend to them. Little by little, we keep working towards a better course. It always feels good to put a perennial problem to bed and move on to the next one.


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