Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scaping the Land

My Western Garden Book has been getting a workout over the last few years as we continue to improve some of our landscape areas.  Our region can support the growth of a diverse set of plant life and the possibilities are endless.

Our recent renovation of the entry to the tee box on #4 included an arid landscape and some decomposed granite used as mulch.  The plantings in this area included some muhly grass, leatherleaf sedge, 'little john' bottle brush, and 'Karl Foerster' feather reed grass.  The desert look has been well received by the membership and I hope to incorporate this design to a few new areas.  Plants like these are very maintenance friendly and labor is reduced because of less grass and weed eating locations.

Another recent landscape improvement surrounds the restrooms near #7 tee (pictured below left).  Here we used some 'rose glow' barberry bushes, two brush cherries, divided our agapanthas, and eventually will add some star jasmine on a trellis built by Craig.

Finally, in this landscape roundup, here is (below right) a photo of some plants we added to the parking lot islands last year.  The euphorbia 'ascot rainbow' has done very well and the salvia 'may night' rebounded from winter dormancy with no problem.  The humming birds have been loving this combination and so have I.