Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recycling our trees

Three years ago, Stockton Golf and Country Club proudly opened its new clubhouse, the third in nearly 100 years. Along with the new building came a new putting green, 1st tee, driving range, parking lot, and landscaping. All of those amenities have held up well over the last three years, but the mulch for the landscaping is due to be refreshed. I can't believe that it lasted this long and held its color very well.
The cost for new mulch is nearly $1200 and anything we can do to save money will help the club in the long run. So we have been saving our wood chips from all of our tree services and making some of our own. This cuts down on green waste to put in the 30 yard bin and adds to our pile of free wood chips.

In this photo, Assistant Superintendent, Mike Nee and Marvin Estepa spread out the mulch in the large area of Bradford pears between the driving range and #1 tee. The picture is really dark because I took it at 5:40 am while we tried to squeeze a little work in before a full day of rain and wind. We only had about an hour before the storm hit, but the crew banged it out just like every other job they're assigned.
This mulch is much less attractive than the $1200 variety, but in some areas, that doesn't matter. Therefore, we raked up all of the remaining colored mulch and dressed up the clubhouse planters. The cheap stuff will work well everywhere else and won't cost a dime. At the very least, we've pushed that expense back for another season and improved aesthetics at the same time.