Friday, January 15, 2010

Face lift for the snack shack

The course concession stand, or snack shack, as we like to call it, is an important part of every club's amenities. Everyone can use a little refreshment or bite to eat during a 3-4 hour round and the strategic location of this facility makes that easily possible. Golfers pass the shack at 6 green, 13 tee, and 16 tee giving them multiple opportunities to wet their whistles.

Just recently, the building went through a major face lift. The new design eliminates the old bowl-like roof that held water and leaves and led to dry rot in much of the wood. The exterior is also similar to the clubhouse and helps to tie the two together.

Judging from the many comments from our members, this project was long overdue and well worth the time and money. Like many areas out on the course, this is another example of an eye sore being transformed into a complimentary part of the property.