Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good To Be Back

G'day everyone

It is good to be back again at Stockton Golf & Country Club.

I am happy once again to be part of the Stockton G&CC family. It was good to see a lot old friends and I am looking forward to be making new friends. The crew in golf maintenance has only a couple of new faces and they are welcome additions.

I feel like the transition has been a smooth one for both myself and also our crew and also other departments. We have hit the ground running and are looking forward to the future.

I had a short period away from the club and kept in contact with Jim and took every opportunity to discuss and share ideas with him. Jim is a good friend, and I am happy for him and the new challenges set out before him at Bernardo Heights Country Club in San Diego. For people that wish to follow Jim at his new course click here bhccturf.blogspot.com. Good luck mate.

See you on the golf course.

And yes, that is an Australian flag flying above my profile.