Saturday, July 16, 2011

Man on a Mission

Last Monday, our first closed day in months, we welcomed Stockton GCC Junior Champion, Anthony Madrid to play an incredible amount of golf.  Anthony completed 162 holes, or 9 full rounds for his golf-a-thon benefiting the Eddie Guardado Foundation in the fight for a cure for autism.

Anthony is a phenomenal 15-year-old player with more endurance than your average man.  On his 125 hole, our par 4 17th, Anthony's approach shot came to rest 4 feet from the hole.  Even after cresting his goal of 150, he was still enthusiastic about each shot, barking at the ball to get up, get down, or get in.

When Anthony and his uncle Keith, finished up their day there was not a ballmark to be found on any one of these greens.  I knew providing access to the course for this great cause would not do too much harm, but I didn't expect his 9 rounds to leave the greens in better shape than when they arrived.

Nice work and congratulations!!!