Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aerification Update

Since my last post, the staff has put over 1 million holes in the playing surface. I wasn't counting, but who's going to argue after we've aerified all the fairways, tees, and collars. Today we will focus on punching the approaches and then move on to some high traffic areas near the greens.

Another project for today is the slit-seeding of the tees. We will walk slit-seed in two directions and follow with more seed, sand, and fertilizer. This tends to be a little messy as the tees will be de-thatched during the seeding effectively accomplishing two jobs at once. This is the most extensive seeding of the tees we've attempted and I expect wonderful results.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd, we will apply over 10 tons of sand per acre on the fairways. This is the most sand we've topdressed with and will work to improve drainage, decrease worms castings, and improve fairway firmness. These positive results can take years to develop as fairway topdressing is a slow process. Even at 10 tons per acre, we are applying less than an 1/8 inch of sand. Little by little, the composition of the soil will change by a small amount. Increasing the percentage of sand, even by a small fraction, can lead to a better playing surface.

The greens have all received their first mowing since being aerified only a few days ago. The back nine was a day ahead of the front and we mowed on Saturday, after only three days of healing. We should be completely healed well before the weekend as we start to get the course back to optimum playing conditions.

As always, thank you for your patience during these messy periods that are so vital to the health of the turf. I've received nothing but compliments and understanding from the membership and the staff and I definitely notice and appreciate the support.

Happy golfing.