Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Foxes

Have you ever tried to get a red fox to hold this still for a picture? The real trick is getting enough starch in the flag to mimic a strong breeze. While this does make for a nice photograph, this little character has caused me a few headaches. For two weeks straight, this fox and six of his/her friends have been digging in the north bunker of #8. The tunnel extended at least 5 feet into the face and possibly under the green. Each morning we would fill in this hole and pack the sand the best we could. Of course, each night, the fox would dig out the same hole and leave us with another morning task. We consulted with wildlife control and received very few options. Unfortunately, red foxes are considered pests and cannot be relocated.
Just two days ago, Robert Bosworth suggested sticking a paint can in the tunnel to block the path. We had already tried a large rock, chicken wire, and wooden stakes to no avail. Apparently, a fox cannot figure out a paint can and did not dig around the obstacle. They have given up in that area and we will watch out for new locations. Hopefully, they return to the native area on #2 or move off the course completely. I will keep you updated, so check back soon. The easy choice would be to shoot the trouble makers and eliminate the problem all together, but I would have a hard time taking that photograph without any foxes.