Thursday, September 22, 2011

8 days of healing

The greens are healing up very nicely.  Very few holes remain and after yesterday's application of wetting agent, fertilizer, and growth regulator, the density will improve quickly.  We cut the greens this morning with our walk mowers and the speed and roll is doubled from yesterday.  That's not saying much because we were probably a 4 on the stimp meter and now closer to an 8.  I haven't actually stimped the greens, but that's my estimate.

This is what #6 looks like this morning:

Compared to the photos I posted yesterday, this is a major improvement and a steady progression to full health.  Besides some height adjustments and reducing irrigation on the greens, we are done here and can focus on the others tasks at hand.  Tees and approaches have all been aerified and seeding will finish today.  Green surround aerification is 2/3 complete along with seeding.  Fairway aerification has been moved to next week while we finish all the seeding.  

Member response towards all of this work has been very positive although everyone is anxious to get back into good playing conditions.  The greens are very close and the rest of the course will follow shortly.  Once the seed in the high traffic areas germinates and establishes some roots, we can take advantage of our wonderful fall weather and get the course firm and fast.

That's it for today, as Craig and I are about to join the Thursday Ladies for the annual "Play with the Pro Tournament."  As my first responsibility in this event, I will apologize to the group that draws the Superintendent instead of a near-scratch golfer.