Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#8 tee renovation is complete

This project started way back in October as the very first portion of the Tree Program.  We dropped 6 large pine trees behind the seventh green that were crowding the 8th tee. Click here if you missed that one; those trees were huge, but definitely out of place.

From there we utilized over 100 bricks that were back at the shop to replace a railroad tie retaining wall.  This was a great project and forced our hand to finish the rest.

Dante and Manuel handled the removal of the second half of railroad ties and installed the updated retaining wall.

Most of the railroad ties, including the steps, were partially rotten and fell apart as we worked to remove them. 

The bottom row takes a very long time to get perfectly level and evenly compacted.  Once that row is finished, it's as simple as stacking up brick after brick. 

A member of our club, Stan Mathews along with his brother and father, poured our new concrete stairs.  The following day, Stan went out to The Reserve at Spanos Park to tie for the low score and move through round 1 of the US Open qualifier. 

We used our Provonost trailer to move the mud out to the site and let the Mathews family do the heavy lifting.

The stairs were framed, poured, and finished right before the start of our noon shotgun with minimal player disruption.

After a few finishing touches, the tee is ready for play and looking better than ever.

We hope to continue the renovation of our other railroad tie stairs using this same method.