Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pink Flag Sticks for a Special Day

Just a few weeks ago, Stockton Golf and Country Club hosted over 100 pink clad golfers for the Susan G. Komen Rally for the Cure Tournament.  This year's event was a great success in raising donations towards the fight against breast cancer.  Congratulations and thank you to all the attendees, volunteers, staff, and contributors.  What a great day!!

The Turf Care department (I'm tired of calling us maintenance) found a new way to add some color to the setup.  Last year we simply dyed some white flags to pink and put them on our striped green/white sticks.  It wasn't the best color combination so this year we went all pink.

Flagsticks are not cheap and spending a bunch of money on a one-day-a-year tournament doesn't make sense, at least not financially.  However, converting old, borderline useless sticks into brand new with little time, effort, or money sounds great.  While visiting Turfnet, a very useful website every superintendent should belong to, I saw an ad for a product called VinylGuard. 

I gathered up some very old flagsticks that were worn out, chipped up, and pretty darn ugly.  All I had to do was cut a length of the tubing, slide it on the old stick, and warm it up with the heat gun.  It took about 7-10 minutes per flagstick and worked exactly as advertised.  Next time we will try this stuff on our bunker rakes when the handles begin to fade or splinter.  Fiberglass slivers don't feel too good after you blade a shot out of a bunker.  Of course, green might look better than pink, so we'll have to re-order.

On a side note, the tee markers for the event were also a special item designed by some of the women at the course.  Our assistant, Rob Williams, suggested we place potted pink flowers as the tee markers, but they beat us to the punch with pink golf shoes, complete with sequins, ribbons, and bows.  It turns out they were too attractive to resist and one of our resident red foxes stole a shoe from the 5th tee minutes before the morning shotgun.

Rob radioed in the news and I forwarded it to the tournament coordinators who personally set the tees that morning.  Expecting disappointment, I instead received laughter and approval of a great little story.  If you see a red fox donning a hip, pink shoe, now you'll know she's just trying support the cause.