Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cup O' Bermuda

Last week, we closed out the Junior Camp for 2010 with our final class. Most of the participants in this group had seen us talk once or twice before so we did our best in showing them something new. Richard and Rob helped out in our lesson plan which included green construction, fertilizer composition, seed types, irrigation, and drainage.

This is really an intelligent group of young people. They easily remembered the number of sprinkler heads from last year's talk, one young man correctly identified fertilizer analysis numbers, and they all had a basic understanding of what we do and how they can help us keep the course looking good.

During the fertilizer portion, we offered the attendees the chance to use a spreader across the driving range tee with a little gypsum. Most of the time, the handle bars were above the operator's head, but they seemed to enjoy it. A usual favorite is the radio controlled irrigation and they all cheered when the heads popped up one fairway away.

Rob took care of the seed exhibit with some ryegrass, bentgrass, and blue-coated Yukon bermuda. Of course, the blue seed was the favorite and I really enjoyed the question, "Will the grass be blue when it grows?"

Each student was given a small plastic cup and instructed to fill it with sand, add some of the organic fertilizer we had showed them, and sprinkle in a few bermuda seeds. We watered each pot heavily and watched them drain before our eyes avoiding contact with clothes to keep mom and dad happy.

We sent them home with their seeded soil sample and encouraged frequent watering until the seed popped. When they have a nice patch of grass peaking over the rim of the cup, they can bring it back to the course and plant it in a fairway divot. They liked the idea of their own project being part of the golf course and so do I; one less divot to fill.