Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fairway Fertilizer

Today we finished up our spring fairway fertilization. The product we used came in 500 lb bulk bags which probably saved us well over an hour of loading time. Normally, our fertilizer is packaged in 50 lb bags which all need to be loaded to the lip of the hopper, split open with a knife, and dumped and shaken until all of the material falls out of the bag. Now we're doing ten of these bags at once with very little effort.

The fertilizer was watered in quickly by on and off showers that stayed with us throughout the day. The recent weather patterns have been wonderful for growing turf. This past storm, the course received just over 0.6 inches which found it's way into the soil without making a mess or limiting the use of golf carts. The grass gets some much needed water, the irrigation system continues to rest while we perform our spring checkup, and the fertilizer is washed off the leaf and down to the roots.

Bert and our new employee, Ricardo, did a great job putting out this product. The only problem was the smell of the organic source, mostly chicken crap. I tried to convince both of them that the smell was that of healthy plants and vitamins for strong turf. They did not agree, but never complained. The fairways will appreciate the effort and since they did such a good job, it's their job for good. Congratulations guys!!